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Best Eats on Hilton Head Island, 2022 Food Guide

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is one of my personal bucket list locations. I don't know how, when, or why I started romanticizing Hilton Head, but I'm so glad Kyle and I finally made the 2 days drive down south!

During the height of the pandemic, we had such an itch to travel or have a mini getaway. We primarily looked for a vacation destination that is easy for road tripping (check out our road trip must-haves), dog-friendly (this is how we find dog-friendly hotels), and outdoor-friendly. Hilton Head Island was that place for us.

Lucky for us, not only did we get to check a city off our bucket list, but we also got to eat some of the best food while we were there!

A Must Have: Kenny B's French Quarter Cafe : 70 Pope Ave

Kenny B's is one of those places that's on every travel site, so we knew we HAD TO GO! They do not take reservations, so make sure you give yourself enough time and be ready to wait in line. That said, we absolutely do not regret waiting that night, because it is worth all the hype!

Kenny B's is Hilton Head's home for Cajun Seafood is a locally owned and family-operated restaurant where you will be immersed in New Orlean vibes the moment you step into their restaurant. The moment you walk in, you'll experience the most joyful sensory overload with I vibrant and colorful flags, wallpaper, banners, posters, pictures, french bulldog statues & decor! I couldn't help myself but smile at the fun french bulldog salt and pepper shakers! (experience it yourself in our vlog!)

Now, on to their delicious seafood. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all Cajun flavors. We went for dinner and ordered their Shrimp Po-Boy (they have a whole section just for po-boys, so how do you say no?), fried catfish dinner basket, Jambalaya, which had smoked sausage, shrimp, chicken in a seasonal red creole sauce, sautéed with rice - a true New Orlean's classic. That Shrimp Po-Boy was life-changing and I can't to go back and have that again! We absolutely regret not getting the beignets, so do us a favor and get yourself one (or a few)!

Casual Breakfast Lovers: Bad Biscuit: 19 E Dunnagans Alley

We visited Bad Biscuit on a rainy day, and that was such a good choice as we got to fill our bellies with delicious breakfast. They are known for southern comfort food, think gravy on biscuits, shrimp and grits, hash, and skillets. While this is a casual breakfast restaurant and you shouldn't expect anything super high end, you can taste how much love they pour into it! Bad Biscuit also has so many quirky components, from the logo to the decor, from selling jarred pickles & hot sauces to canned wine. We promise you'll enjoy your time there!

Coffee & Brunch: Watusi Cafe : 71 Pope Avenue

Watusi was our go to coffee place this entire trip. They are a family-owned local restaurant offering a gourmet coffee bar, desserts, and a diverse menu of healthy meals including gluten free and vegetarian options.

After arriving at Hilton Head, we immediately sought out coffee. Watusi offers certified organic, fair trade coffee from Batdorf and Bronson. In addition to coffee bar at the front of their store, they also offer a variety of pastries including danishes, bagels, macaroons, muffins, etc. Perfect for anyone on the go looking for a quick bite. They also have a marketplace in the front selling T-shirts, stationaries, and other adorable trinkets.

Watusi also offer sit-down options as well. Kyle and I worked during the week while in Hilton Head. But we still made time to revisit Watusi for their delicious brunch with both indoor and outdoor seating options We enjoyed their French Toast, Smoked Salmon Benedict, with matcha latte on the side! (Watch the mouthwatering poached egg break in our Hilton Head Vlog!)

Fast & Delicious Burrito Bar: Java Burrito Company: 1000 William Hilton Pkwy (Plaza)

Java Burrito Company was the only place we went back to multiple times on this trip! We seriously went out of our way on our last day to grab another burrito before we drove home! Think Chipotle-style, choose your own adventure. Best part? you not only get to have it for lunch/dinner, but you can make your own breakfast burrito or bowl!

While burritos are their bread and butter, they also have a variety of menu items as well. Some delicious breakfast options include Avocado toast, Cinnamon Sugar Toast, or French Toast. For lunch and dinner, add champagne or a cocktail to spice up your meal! This fast-casual spot also offers an impressive coffee bar offering some of the best cold-brewed coffee we had on the island.

Desserts: Hilton Head Social Bakery: Shelter Cove Marina - Harbourside Ln Building 1

When we researched for our trip, Hilton Head Social Bakery showed up on so many people's list of recommendations, and I'm here to reinforce that hype! It is not a huge storefront by any means, but their desserts are a must have! They feature authentic classic delicate baked goods. There is a huge variety of both savory and sweet treats. You'll see a selection of breakfast baked goods, sweet pastries, tarts, cakes, and breads. We got to try one of their famous tarts and a baked good, and they were both INCREDIBLE! Pro-tip: We highly recommend stopping by earlier in the day as they do run out quickly

Have you been to Hilton Head? What did we miss? Comment below with your recommendations!

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