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About Us

Welcome aboard the Jet Lag Journey, we hope you enjoy the ride!

Jet Lag Journey started as a dream during a Bumble date over tacos in 2016. Four years, many journeys, a dog, and an engagement later the dream was still just that, a dream. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world, and the travel industry to a grinding halt. As the shock wore off in the early days of the pandemic, the realization began that with these challenging times there was also new opportunity. All of a sudden those far off dreams that were so easy to put on the back burner in the old world seemed much more easily achievable in the new one. As the initial shock of our new normal started to war off, we got to work to bring you Jet Lag Journey.

Through countless weeks spent on the road for work, dozens of family vacations, and many weekend getaways (36 hours in London, anyone?) we have built a ton of valuable travel knowledge and expertise that we are incredibly excited to share with you. Jet Lag Journey will bring you travel tips to make travelling a breeze, travel guides so you can take on your next destination like a pro, and fun travel content, whether you want to come along on our Jet Lag Journey or have the itch to plan a journey of your own.

Thanks and Happy Travels!

Jane & Kyle

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